Collaboration for Impact - NADR
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Collaboration for Impact


Bert Smit & Marieke Zielhuis


1 March 2023

DDW2022, Publicaties
Over dit project

Collaboration for Impact (CfI) is a magazine developed by Network Applied Design Research (NADR) in cooperation with the GoCI programme of CLICKNL and Taskforce Applied Research SIA.


Collaboration for Impact shows the added value of applying design research in, with and beyond the creative industry. The magazine presents 32 stories of inspiring applied design research projects. The stories are witnesses of the fact that multiple value creation urgently needs discipline and boundary crossing collaboration. These stories also show that we need to learn more about these collaborations to increase their impact and why we should stay curious, step out of our comfort zone, inspire each other, and create the space to do so.


The magazine ends with two articles by GoCI matchmakers, reflecting on the applied design research projects and on how the creative industry can be strengthened in dealing with social issues.